Image of Spectra Sensory Clothing School Shirt - Grey

Spectra Sensory Clothing School Shirt - Grey

£15.99 – £19.99
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  • Age: 7/8 - £15.99
  • Age: 12/13 - £15.99
  • Age: 14/15 - £19.99
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Our Spectra Sensory Clothing School Uniform range has been inspired and designed through community feedback; to look like a traditional uniform whilst providing the most comfort and least sensory irritation to children with ASC and other sensory conditions.

The Sprectra Sensory Clothing School Shirt features:

1. Specialist Sewed-Downed Seams: Our specially tailored shirts have the inside seams sewed down - no more itching and irritation from annoying inside seams!

2. Soft Sensory Collar: The collar has been designed to be softer than a regular shirt whilst still supporting a school tie.

3. Easy to put on design: Our shirts are specially designed to make getting dressed easy - only the top three buttons of the shirt come undone to allow the shirt to be easily pulled on and off!

4. No More itchy labels: The washing instructions are in the pocket the shirt - no more cutting off irritating labels!

Made from Poly Cotton: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton.